About me

Kait’s creative lifestyle.

Hey there, and welcome to my website! My name is Kaitlyn O’Malley but you can call me Kait.

Little did I know when I decided on graphic design as a career that design would be not just a career but a creative and adventurous lifestyle. I have a unique way of looking at the world and creatively problem-solving in daily life.

Graphic design has led me to explore various forms of art such as home improvement, drawing, blogging, and photography. It is ever-evolving which fulfills my thirst to continue learning as well.

Graphic design has also enabled me to be a mobile nomad, traveling and exploring while working on the go as my heart desires to be outdoors. When able, I take my work on the road along with my dog traveling across the country couch-surfing and camping. I truly love what I do.

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Fun facts about kait

Dog mom to a crazy Australian Shepherd named Maddee who is also my greatest challenge.

I’m an adventure travel blogger! I love sharing stories and beautiful photos. Check it out at frozenorthawed.com.

Some may say I am completely obsessed with snowboarding… I am. My workouts, creative, and adventurous lifestyle revolve around it.

I’m the accident prone one in the family, also the adrenaline junkie. I guess they go hand-in-hand.

I am obsessed with the outdoors! You can see this influence throughout my website. I both designed this website using Adobe XD and developed it myself using Webflow.

Kait holding her Australian Shepherd Maddee on a point overlooking Bean & Bear Lake in Northern Minnesota
Hiker overlooking the Grand Canyon from the Ooo Ahh Point rest area.Australian Shepherd (Maddee) sitting on a longboard.Kait snowboarding Blue Sky Basin in Vail ColoradoKait snowboarding Snowbasin in UtahKait hiking with her friend and her Australian Shepherd Maddee in her backpack.

Graphic Design

My creative growth journey.

In college I studied “Art & Design” with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Mass Communications with extensive studies in Photography. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Originally, I wanted to move to Chicago or New York City and work for a major magazine to become an Art Director one day. I love getting a smattering of content and asked to organize it! Working for a magazine would allow me to do that.

Upon graduation, I landed my first job at an ad agency, Flint Communications. I started as a production artist working on Bobcat where I got to help with layouts of direct mailing materials and lit sheets (detailed booklets on equipment). I was on my way to gaining the experience I wanted to get to a magazine. Then, I was given a digital project. I loved the new challenge, the flexibility of a page size, dynamic content, and more.

It’s why I love digital so much, there’s no limit except your imagination, except maybe what a developer is willing to figure out out with you... I have been evolving as a designer in which goals have evolved. I started submersing myself in the digital world beginning with email design and development along with digital ad campaigns while at 3M. Then came the opportunity to work with an ad agency and re-design all the client facing websites. This is where I began to learn the process behind user flows and what both UI and UX design is.

The rest is history.

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Portrait Photography

While design is my main gig, I have always held a passion for photography. This started when I was introduced to the darkroom in high school with my Nikon. I have experimented and switched to digital mirrorless and am now a Sony Alpha lover. I’m a social person and love making others feel comfortable in front of the camera to capture the most genuine smiles. This is a little side-hustle fueled strictly by word of mouth. Check out my work on my photography website and follow my work on Instagram @kait.captures.