Dealer Portal UI Refresh

An effort to ease the flow of submitting claims due to client response. In addition, update the interface to use this tool across multiple brands the client owns.

Landing with intention

Upon re-visiting the form flow the client requested a website update. Due to budget, this update is constricted with a UI update only. While reviewing the current landing page I first reviewed the UX of the website and if there were any clicks I could eliminate.

Next was taking the current information on the landing page but making the content more usable and intentional.

Claims made easy

The process began with client feedback on how cumbersome the claim submission process is. Each claim had to go through the entire process when one household and product qualified for multiple claims.

The first step was updating this flow to submit multiple claims for the same household with one single form. I broke down this form into multiple steps to improve clarity and usability throughout the process.

Using backend data from step one, we can present only the claims in which a product qualifies for.

One solution for all

When creating the overall UI, the main factor was this needed to be able to be used across all of the clients sub-brands. The interface must be both custom enough, but generic enough that each felt like it's own portal.


Currently a low-fidelity prototype showing the updated UI and flow of the new claims submission to present and support the SOW to the client.

View Prototype


Spring 2022

Team & Role

Myself - UI/UX Designer, Marc Iwanin - Creative Director


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Carbon Design System Library

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