Internal Recognition Platform

An internal platform for IBMers to recognize and reward each other through various programs earning points to choose rewards within a marketplace platform and cash payouts.

Big rewards for big wins

Employees can earn rewards through a various number of programs. A large one is a cash payout quarterly program in which any IBMer can nominate but requires logistics for several rounds of approvals. Utilizing the carbon design system and the framwork the UX designer built I created the screens necessary for this process. The every IBMer flow, the manager flow, and the program owner flows which includes all the steps in the nomination and approval process overseen by the senior UX designer.

Page layout for nomination award and the submission process.
Evolving approvals and tracking

Every month I am making updates to the program approvals flow based on client feedback. This feedback is driven by the original outlines of the program and what is and isn't working then we adjust the process as we learn how our clients are actually using it. The latest addition included some extra editing features on the award detail page and improved search and filtering capabilities.

Two page layouts for the program owner review process.
Celebrating milestones

After launch of the original site we are getting to a place to add the fun stuff. The latest additions include celebrating employee milestones such as Service Anniversaries, Job Promotions, and more. This is to engage employees in celebrating not just project accomplishments but personal ones. Privacy is of utmost importance to IBMers and some don't like to share these milestones, so I created additional notifications and steps for an opt-in flow before any celebrations are shared to make all IBMers feel comfortable in what they do or do not wish to celebrate.

This specific portion of the project was extra fun creating colorful graphics within the IBM color palette and utilizing their expansive icon library.

Page layouts and graphics for employee milestones. The homepage notification, the recipient celebration, and the program page.


Here is the latest addition for a new feature we are adding to the platform. The addition of celebrations for life milestones and a lift to the current "Years of Service" UI.

View Prototype


Fall 2021 - Now

Team & Role

Myself - Junior UX/UI Design, Jared Wick - Senior UX/UI Design


Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Carbon Design System Library

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