Park Sales Promotion

Utilizing an internal product with the addition of custom UI pages in response to a large business-wide sales promotion to allow all employees to track progress and claim rewards.

Engagement on-the-go

In an effort to push sales of cups we put together a campaign to engage employees while in the field. Utilizing a current platform but building out a custom dashboard with only a few custom elements to achieve the goal but to reduce dev time keeping costs down.

As mystery shoppers visit the park and employees succeed they can earn and redeem rewards instantly by claiming their mystery shop cards. Additionally the engaging interface shows them how the park is performing and how much longer until they can earn another round of rewards.

Managers can track their park's progress through the easy to glance at interface. They can also see how they rank compared to other parks.


The high-fidelity employee view includes custom animation as sales progress and game play!

View Prototype


Fall 2021

Team & Role

Myself - UI Designer, Mark Barton - Creative Director, Renée LeViolet - Graphic Designer


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

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